10 best Games Like Forza For Ps4 ( latest collection ) 2021

1.Project CARS 3 Amazon

Games Like Forza For Ps4

Fantastic race game like Firoza for PS4.Friends, if you have to drive your supercar on a very long highway. And have a long race with your friends. So this game will be perfect for you. You get to see all sports cars. Those who can choose The game has included more than 200 countries. You can drive away your super car in any country. Have a great experience. The game is not available off-road, only you highway is.The game was recently released in August 2020. And the game has got a very good rating by the people. Both as single player and multiplayer, you can race a car with your friends.
Special Features
  • over 200 elite-brand race
  • over 140 global tracks
  • take your amazing experience
  • only rare cars is here
  • fight with family and friends

2.Hotshot Racing Amazon

Games Like Forza For Ps4

The graphics of the game are created in animated form. Drafting your car easily in the game.you are a thief. You are stealing from the robbery, the police is behind you. You have to reach your house quickly. The sooner you add a car in the game, the better for you.People have highlighted the game with great ratings. You can see your mission clearly. You get the highway open area. You have to ride a supercar fast on your highway.
Special Features
  • cartoon animations
  • super fast vehicle
  • perfect mission in the games
  • open world area

3.WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship Amazon

Games Like Forza For Ps4

When you shove your super car in the snow. So you feel that you are sitting in a real car. And taking his car to the front. All types of tracks and cool environments are provided here. Most games are made in the outside world. You can watch single player and multiplayer. The game was published in September 2019. And people described the game as the best. All types of superstars in the game are available.in game 50 types of teams are involved, which race continuously. And you have also been given 15 railia, in which you can join. Can make your car look great. It is a best graphic game with open world.
Special Features
  • Overhauled Career Mode
  • 50 teams, 14 rallies
  • superb racing area
  • your track is super
  • only sports car here

4.ONRUSH Amazon

Games Like Forza For Ps4

oneush game is very famous due to its new type of cars. The game has more than 15 different tracks where you can drive your car away. Both single player and multiplayer modes are available. You can super car race with friends. The game has a very new design and unique look cars. Which cars can be easily beaten and left behind by friends?It is a favorite thing for bike lovers, that bikes can also be used here. And more than 4 players can participate in the race. And mostly you get offroad matches.
Special Features
  • amazing new tracks
  • bikes also included
  • most dangerous racing
  • cool vehicle and moments
  • play with frineds

5.Snowrunner Amazon

Games Like Forza For Ps4

By the name of the game you must have known a little, that there is an icy atmosphere here. And there has been snow sale all around. You have to drive your truck, car, super car, bike, tank, army tanks in the snow. Race is not available here.Small mission’s are found in the game. The game is designed in a slightly cargo form. Your truck has a lot of items to deliver to the main place. And the mission is to be completed. The game is way too bumpy. You are going to have a lot of trouble driving a car. Excellent environment is available all around. And this is our 5th game with the best graphics.
Special Features
  • Go solo or play
  • only off road tracks
  • lift heavy weight and pillar
  • dangerous area for drive
  • big vehicle available

6.F1 2020 Amazon

Games Like Forza For Ps4

Friends, if you have not seen the racing of F1 CARS. So you are very much behind in the racing world. Because F1 is a car that is the fastest car in the world. And it is very small. And only one person can ride in this car.The game was published by the Codemaster Company on 6 July 2020. Everyone likes the game ultra graphic and its soundtrack is awesome.
Special Features
  • super fastest cars
  • f1 is amazing vehicle
  • destory your enemy in seconds
  • two new races: hanoi circuit and circuit zandvoort
  • split-screen racing

7.Need for Speed Payback Amazon

Games Like Forza For Ps4

The kid knows the need for speed, its racing quality is known to all. Need for Speed ​​is a very old and amazing quality game. It is still playing games. Its racing quality is very good. You run away from the policemen.In the game, the police visit to stop your car but you do not have to stop the car. You have to make your way quickly. And reach your home.
Special Features
  • racing with cops
  • new missions and level
  • clean roads for race
  • new cars and tracks
  • superb racing material


Games Like Forza For Ps4

Guys if you want to beat your queen on a long road. And want to cover all the areas. So the game is for you. You get all the super cars, which completes the path in an instant. And leaves friends behind. The game has a great look.You can beat your friends and embarrass them by doing a long race. May call them looser forever. The game’s open world graphic captivates everyone. And give you a great experience.
Special Features
  • Constant and varied challenges
  • only expensive cars
  • long highways and racing
  • ultra graphics and sound
  • multiplayer mods

9.Gravel Amazon

Games Like Forza For Ps4

Friends, if you are looking for a game that is more spent on the outside world. You have to drive a car in the outside world. So this is an off road racing game for you. Mostly off road, run your car in mountain, river, snow. And generate entertainment with friends. You can invite friends to the game.Developed and published by the Milestone Company, is the best racing game of 2018, the demand of which grew later. And due to getting the best experience of the best graphics and games, people started liking it a lot.
Special Features
  • Off Road Disciplines
  • race with nature
  • rivers and mountains
  • cool graphics and design

10.Dangerous Driving Amazon

Games Like Forza For Ps4

Friends, if you have gone out in search of a game that can play with your friends. And you can be very entertaining in free time. So this game is for you. You can run a long race on the highway. And daily super cars can be run at full speed. Now you can use any super car, and take the experience of a long race.
Special Features
  • only online version
  • smash your frined
  • make your way
  • all super cars
  • new highways and track


Friends, if you have very much appreciation of horza forigen. This horza game is very much played. If you want to play horiza like games, then I have come for you the best games like forza for ps4. All games are very popular. And all the games get excellent racing. And the quality of the games I have shown here. If you like a game, you can buy it from here.

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