10 Amazing Xbox Zombie Games / survival zombie games ( New Collection ) 2021

1.Left 4 Dead Amazon

Amazing Xbox Zombie Games under 25 dollars
The game was published in 2009 by the valve corporation company. The game is made multiplayer. It can play with up to four people. Jumbishis spread all around attack you. But you have to escape from there. Have to find your life. You have a great weapon. Which to use in the game. And the zombies have to end.
One of the best shooting xbox zombie is.The virus spread all around makes you die. It does not even give you the problem of living. You have to find light in the smoke spread all around.
You have only four people left in the game. Who is looking for life. Darkness is spread everywhere. People have become Jumbish. And killing each other.

2.Plants vs. Zombies Amazon

Amazing Zombie Games
There is not much fear in the game. This game is specially designed for children.A super fighting x box zombie game!  There is a fight between two species. Zombie and Planet are ready to kill each other. You have to join one team and finish the other team.
There is a complete collection of great killers and tools. Weapons are to be used on the other team. The game is made open world. Great quality and soundtrack is provided. You can enchant friends by playing this multiplayer.

3.State of Decay Amazon

Amazing Xbox Zombie Games under 15 dollars
The game was published in July 2013 via the cry engine. And it is made for PC, x books only.Xbox zombie game with great graphics.  Here the hero goes fishing. When he comes back home like a fish.So he sees that the whole city has changed into zombies.  People are killing and eating each other.
The atmosphere is disturbed all around.  Very noisy player gets in front.The player takes the game further, using guns with his friends. Whatever appears in front, the player decides his death. The game has been made open road. Here you can take the story of the game further using any vehicle and weapons. Great graphic and 3D animation is provided. There is a collection of great guns. Single player and multiplayer can be played.

4.Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Amazon

Zombie Games
The games at rockstar company are of excellent quality. The game was published in 2010. red dead redemption is a western cow boy game. one who wins in his pride. And destroys the problem facing him. Later this game was also given a zombie form. That zombie model is presented in front of you.
Here you find zombies all around. Those in the form of cow boys. Zombie has killed each other all around. Too much noise is found in the game. But you do not have to delay in finishing the zombies with your gun.Xbox zombie game with the best classic and best opinion.

5.Dying Light Amazon

Amazing Xbox Zombie Games under 5 dollars
Better survival horror game of dying light 2015. Where you are an agent who goes to different countries to sort out the stories. But this time you are sent to a place where things are very bad. There is an attack of zombies all around. You have to enter the game with your gun.
Improve the messy environment all around. Use your better mind to solve the game’s story.Designed both as a single player and multiplayer. Smoke is spread all around the open world area. The zombies are killing each other. And is looking for humans.Xbox zombie game with awesome story.

6.dead rising Amazon

Amazing Xbox Zombie Games
It is a dangerous zombie story based on one person. When the city wounds in zombies, zombie incident starts around him. So the player gets quarantined in his house. And tries to get out. does not do. Then a lot of zombies gather near his house. And try to identify human smell.
All zombies want to find a human and eat him, but here the player does not allow him to do so. He finishes zombie with his gun.You have to slowly finish the zombies to advance the game. A great xbox zombie game is.

7.Stubbs The Zombie Amazon

Amazing Xbox Zombie Games under 20 dollars
This is the story of an unhappy lover, who is in great depression. But one Monday night, he is caught by his father while celebrating with a girl. He is murdered by his father and thrown into the forest. And within a few days, he starts ruining the entire city by becoming a zombie.
Now the story begins.He does not come from the realm of hurting anyone. He finds his girlfriend. An atmosphere of destruction is created all around. People run around, and there is an atmosphere of blood all around.The story is made openworld making it awesome. a amazing zombie survival xbox game.

8.Deadlight Amazon

Amazing Xbox Zombie Games
The game is based on seattle in 1986. Where the player sets out to find his family after the zombie apocalypse. The player gets scared seeing the atmosphere of waste all around. He feels very pity to see people dead. You have to complete the story slowly. Find your family in the Openworld area.
The game was released for the Xbox 360 in 2012. There is a side rolling and zombie survival game. It became very popular.There is shadow of black shadows all around. Here we have to move forward facing many difficulties. Xbox zombie game with great story.

9.Lollipop Chainsaw Amazon

Amazing Zombie Games
There is the story of Juliet, a beautiful girl who goes to meet her lover, but in front of him a mountain of difficulties rises. ZombiE attacks his city. And along with her boyfriend, she vows to end the zombies. He has a chainshow.
Finishes the zombies from that chainshow. Slowly advances into the game. A lot of hard work has to be done to eliminate zombie. This girl is very hot.Xbox zombie game with great story.

10.Rock of the Dead Amazon

Amazing Xbox Zombie Games under 10 dollars
It is a funniest game, published in 2010 by the UFO interactive games company. You get a guitar controller, which controls the zombie. And as the song sets. zombie continues to be troubled in the same way. You have to stop the attack of zombies all around. Proceed in the game. And likewise to dance the zombies.Xbox zombie game with awesome story.


There are many people who like zombie games very much. And when surrounded by zombies, it is very fun to shoot a gun. I have come to take you into the same world. Xbox zombie games are available here.. All the games are available with very quality and great graphics. Anyone can easily buy the game from the link. You get the game graphic and unlimited weapon.

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