Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Adventure Games ( New Collection ) 2021

1.Portal 2 Amazon

Best Xbox 360 Games
Best quality xbox 360 adventure games.Portal is a running game made available with amazing graphics. You have to move from place to place without hesitation. Go to different places and solve different story. Have to run continuously here. And to make the game amazing. The game’s story has to be solved, giving an all-around open environment. You can play on Xbox, PS4 and pc.
The mind-boggling game is designed. Whenever you blink an eyelid, the portal will move around. And you will have a lot of trouble in finding it. Have to run. Difficulties have to be avoided. The story has to be completed while solving the problem of the game. amazing xbox 360 adventure game.

2.Rise of the Tomb Raider – Xbox 360 Amazon

Best Xbox 360 Adventure Games under 15 dollars
Great quality Xbox 360 adventure game.Lara Croft has made it very popular, moving the tomb rider series. lara croft has gone in search of her lost father. who has found a mysterious island. Where she proceeds to solve her problem. Facing difficulties, Lara Croft completes the game. Lara Croft, who is surrounded by animals and enemies from all sides, is alone there. Proceed crossing the mountains and rivers. You have to have the strength to complete the game without crying. Eliminate enemies with minor killers.

3.Rayman Legends – Xbox 360 Amazon

Best Xbox 360 Games
The game was published in 2013 by the ubi soft company. Completing the game while being in the shelter of trees and trees in an open environment. Xbox 360 adventure game with best story.The game is played simultaneously by 4 player players online, where they have to run in 2D continuously. All four have to stay alive while avoiding the difficulties faced. Go to different places and confront enemies. Provided in amazing quality. The game’s graphics and soundtrack are amazing. Too many enemies attack. But do not bow down in front of them. Do not be afraid to run in the game at all.

4.Jurassic Park – The Game – Xbox 360 Amazon

 Adventure Games
There are dangerous dinosaurs around here, which are trying to kill you. And many dinosaurs are attacked. You are sent to the world of dinosaurs. Where you go in search of adventure. Walk around in an open environment. Desire to explore the world of dinosaurs.These dinosaurs fight among themselves. And many take each other’s life. You have to work very hard to understand the species of dinosaur. He has to hunt with different gadgets and weapons. To proceed to complete the game story. Here is single player and multiplayer game. Many films of Jurassic World have been revealed.Xbox 360 adventure game of the best quality.

5.LEGO Marvel’s Avengers – Xbox 360 Amazon

Adventure Games
Welcome to the superhero world of lego. Marvel is the one who is ready to save New York City. Eliminate enemies who attack the world. has provided all the super heroes of marvel. who are given with their own forces. The lego displays small marvel players. And strengthens the player to eliminate enemies. The game can be enjoyed by both single player and multiplayer. Gradually, the story of the game is to be completed. Great Xbox 360 adventure game, provided with the best graphic and soundtrack.

6.Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series Amazon

Best Xbox 360 Adventure Games
It has been so old that who will sit on the throne of the king, and who will be made the next ruler. Here you have to solve this story by playing a role. And to prepare to become the next king. Very fierce war is seen. The palace is attacked by kings from all four sides. The number of enemies is very high. You have to complete the story slowly. Have to keep your army ready every day.Dread animals and powerful men have to be included in the army. Each day aims to eliminate enemies by creating a new strategy. Xbox 360 game with a great role play and adventure.

7.Red Dead Redemption Amazon

Best Xbox 360 Adventure Games under 10 dollars
Red dead redemption is a game based on cowboys by the rockstar company. Walk around with your horse in an open environment. Realizing the problem of people, they have to solve it. This player rotates with an open view in the open world. Confront the enemies with the old atmosphere and the old assassins. Gradually the mission is to complete and proceed in the game.The second game of Red Dead Redemption has arrived, whose graphic and soundtrack is better than this, and the game is available with better quality.Best western xbox 360 adventure game.

8.Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – Xbox 360 Amazon

Best Xbox 360 Adventure Games
Get ready to go to the magical world. And start playing the game with your stick. Great Xbox 360 Adventure Game.Harry Potter is called the king of the magical world.  Harry Potter has enslaved all castes.  And gives the magic the performance of the best forces.  You have to join the magic world.  The game is made with new graphic and new sound track.  Magic has to be shown in an open environment.Friends, if you haven’t seen Harry Potter movies yet, you are far behind. First of all films have to be followed and the story has to be understood.

9.Sonic Unleashed – Classics Edition (Xbox 360) Amazon

Best Xbox 360 Adventure Games under 20 dollars
sonic is considered to have super speed. sonic is fast enough to leave the metro behind. sonic has to collect coins running here. Opening levels with coins. The sonic has to have fun while running in the open environment. Feel the cold air running around on all four sides. And to create a pleasant environment. Xbox 360 adventure game is provided.

10.The Walking Dead – Xbox 360 Amazon

Best Xbox 360 Adventure Games under 25 dollars
The virus has spread in the town. Due to viruses, people have become zombies. The zombie are killing each other, and hunting themselves. There is an escape from the zombies spread all around. Para town is looking for waste. You have to escape here with your daughter. Taking the support of the gun is to end the zombies. Gradually ending the game’s story is to make the game engaging.Xbox 360 adventure game that exemplifies beauty.


For those who like to play adventure games, it feels like opening up in the world of adventure. So I have brought you the best Xbox 360 adventure game. All games are very popular and ranking. Those who like the game can buy it from the given link.

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