10 Best Real Stick Fire Truck Games Android ( Latest Collection ) 2021

Hello friends, if you have to work in a fire truck. Or you can extinguish the fire in people’s houses with the help of those big trucks. So today I have brought the article for you.  In this article, I have told you the top ten real fire truck games. Using which you can reach people’s homes and solve their help.  And if you are trapped in a building, then you can save them and give them a new life.  All of the games are free. And the links to all the games are given below.  If you like any game, you can download the game from there.  You can enjoy the game.

1.Fire Truck Driving Simulator Android

Real fire truck games
This is the best real fire truck game.  This game is a friendly game. This game is approved by the Play Store.  This game can be played by any member of children, old and home. In this game you get a fire truck. Wherever there is difficulty in the country or anywhere a house is on fire.  is done.  And you have to repair your truck as soon as possible. By repairing the truck as quickly as possible, you have to fill the truck with full water.]
And you have to leave for your mission. This is the best graphic game. In which you get fire trucks and different missions. In the game you get more than 5 different types of fighter trucks. You can use them after completing the mission. As you progress in the game, your levels will become complete, and your missions will also become heavier. Because you will also be called to gradually extinguish fires in very big buildings. game, you have to go there. Here you have to reach your mission as quickly as possible while keeping the attention of traffic.

2.Fire Engine Simulator Android

Real fire truck games
This is the best real fire truck game. This is the best high graphic way 3D animation game. In this game you get very different types of features. Here you are given a map. Wherever there is a fire in the country, you get a red mark there. And you have to reach your mission as soon as possible with the help of the map. And you have to proceed towards your mission. Keeping your truck in petrol first.
Here you are also given a very magnificent Horan. With the help of which you have to set the traffic ahead of you. And you also have to keep the Petrol full, so that there is no emergency. This game has added more than 10 million users so far. The size of the game you get is only 45mb. Which you can use in your Android. And you can extinguish the fire anywhere with the help of your Fire Brigade. The game has got a very good rating. People have liked this game very much.

3. Fire Truck Driving Rescue 911 Android

Real fire truck games
This is the best real fire truck game. I liked this game very much because it is a rescue game. In this game if there is a fire in a building and someone is trapped in that building, then you get the mission there that you have to save the person.  And you have to put an idea in an emergency as soon as possible.
They have to lay down a trap. You have to go to that building and bring that person.  You are going to have a lot of fun in this game.  Because first, you get a message that there is a big agency there. So first you have to repair your trucks.  After that you have to drive your car and reach the mission where there is a fire.
Game I get to see you rescue there too.  The traffic 3D animation of this game you will like very much. Here you have to do a long way driving. Here you have to travel a very long way to get from one place to another. And you have to prepare beforehand. The game is going to be a lot of fun. This game has so far included more than 1 million users in the team. And the size of this game is also very low. This is a completely offline game.

4.Fire Truck Game Android

Real fire truck games
This is one of the best real fire truck games. You don’t get to see much in the game.  But it is the best 3D animation and high graphic game.  This game has given its gameplay to one million users so far.  This is one of the best simulator games which is completely offline. You can use this game in any of your small Android.  Because the game gives you one of the best simulators. And this game you get in 27 MB in Google Play Store. Which you can easily download.  And I did not tell you much about this game.  Because this is a normal very simple game.

5.Flying Firefighter Android

Real fire truck games
This is the best real fire truck game. If you have to behave like transformers. Or you have to take your car to another place by blowing it up. The game is made for you. In this game you can blow up your car. You can turn your car into a robot. This is the best 3D animation fighter game.
The graphics of which you get to see very good. This game is awesome. Because it is made for children. In this game you can blow up your car. Wherever there is a fire, you can reach there quickly and extinguish the fire. You can complete your mission score. The game has already taken one million downloads. The size of this game is very low, which you can easily use in your Android phone.
You can also increase your power. Here you can customize your truck. And you can change it in different types. The game has been given a very beautiful appearance. And this game is specially made for children. Children can have a lot of fun by playing games. And you can also fly your truck here and there.

6.Futuristic robot fire Android

Real fire truck games
This is the best real fire truck game.  If you are called to a place by becoming a robot. And there you have to extinguish the fire using your power as quickly as possible.
With the help of this game you can. This is a futuristic robotic game. You can change your car from robot to robot to car at any time. In the game you are provided with very good graphics 3D animations. You are also given a map here. Wherever you are needed, you have to reach there quickly. The fire has to be extinguished there.
By the way, the game is very beautiful. But here you get very few missions. You get only 5-6 missions here. After completion, the game is completed. This game is made open world. In this game you can roam wherever you want. You can have fun by making robots. You also get to see fighting. Here you can also break trains with the help of your truck.

7.Fire Truck Rescue Simulator Android