10 Amazing Games Like Until Dawn PS4 ( latest collection ) 2021

1.The Inpatient Amazon

 Games Like Until Dawn for xbox 360
The story begins in a hospital in Washington, played by an old man. This old man has been in that room for 60 years. Where he does not have his senses. When he regains consciousness, he finds out how he came here. And the story begins. The game is very amazing. You have to find new things.The game resorted to a dark world and the story is long drawn. The game has to be taken forward by resorting to doctors and nurses.
Special Features
  • discover a rich backstory
  • horror in big hospital
  • play only brave person
  • high graphics and sound
  • solve a dark story

2.Telltale’s The Walking Dead Amazon

Games Like Until Dawn for xbox one
The game is made available for all devices. If you want to play on the phone, then its Android version is available.This story is about the people saved by the police. Those who survived the attack of zombies were not killed. In the game the player finds his safe house. And weeps everywhere.The special thing is found, the story runs on your basis. As the story revolves, the story connects with you. This story has been made open world. You can do anything according to yourself.
Special Features
  • mob of zombies
  • amazing shooting and adventure
  • super zombie solve story
  • 140+ tracks across all seasons
  • only black and white version

3.Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Amazon

Games Like Until Dawn for xbox one
This story is full of blood. The story begins with a roller coaster in which you sit. That brings you to where your death is waiting. When the rollercoaster moves, you get a fierce atmosphere. Once the rollercoaster stops, you reach a terrible place. Where black spirits are possessed. And dangerous ghost awaits you. This openworld is created. And after the rollercoaster stops, she all attacks you. They try to scare you. You get small weapons, which can be used.The story has been made very funny. And you will get a lot of fun from black spirits
Special Features
  • Fight your nightmares
  • fight with your fear
  • darkness is your behind
  • horror on the circus
  • best graphics with animation

4.Heavy Rain Amazon

Games Like Until Dawn for pc
In these, you get an intuitive and relevant control, and you play this game through a great interface that enhances your gaming experience. There are four playing characters in them. The continuity of the events of the earlier chapters keeps your mind in this game.
Special Features
  • based on high graphics
  • new story line and moments
  • cool environment

5.Life is Strange Amazon

Games Like Until Dawn for pc
The story of the game is based on moving time. Here begins the story of an 18-year-old college girl who can stop time and repeat it back.This girl takes a photography course in college, whose friend dies. But it uses its power. Tries to save her. The game’s story is romanticized. And you get an open environment.The game is based on new tools and new generation. You can customize the game to your liking. That is, its story depends on your opinion. And you can use the game in your mobile too. Mobile version available.
Special Features
  • story of a calm girl
  • find her friends there
  • amazing story with suspense
  • story is depend on player
  • solve with your mind

6.Call of Cthulhu Amazon

Amazing Games Like Until Dawn PS4
The story is based on a detective who reveals the secrets of a deceased family. It finds out how the family died. Tries to uncover all the secrets. The game has been made very fun. And you have to solve new secrets.The game is mostly made in the dark version. And you go to new places and complete new missions. And explain the whole world in search of family. More brains are not fought. Open dark area is given. The graphics of the game are excellent.
Special Features
  • story of brave man
  • only dark area here
  • explore and solve
  • clear your vision
  • horror graphics with horror sound

7. Detroit: Become Human Amazon

Games Like Until Dawn
The story is based on three robots who are trying to solve their story. The game has been made very exciting. You are going to have more fun. You are a robot here, who will carry on with his story. Best graphics were given, giving the game an open world look.Futuristic world is found, in which you have to roam. Have to finish the game while managing new weapons. Both single player and multiplayer are provided. The game was recently released.
Special Features
  • super futuristic game
  • feeling in a robot
  • new maps and area
  • ultra high graphics and track
  • super quality storyline

8.The Last of Us Amazon

Games Like Until Dawn for xbox 360
There is a terrible epidemic in the game. The epidemic that causes people to die, and the victims of the epidemic, capture other people. And make them like themselves. Have made the game very fun. You have to explain things. And have to roam around. This is the story of two people who try to find a cure for the disease and kill all the victims of the epidemic. The game has been given a fierce look. Best graphic is also provided with open world games. You slowly get to understand the story of the game. And with minor killers you have to complete the game.
Special Features
  • fully zombies town
  • fight with your family
  • new weapons and tool
  • new multiplayer map
  • find your way self

9.Alan Wake Amazon

Amazing Games Like Until Dawn PS4
The story is based on the novel Alan Wake. One of the best-selling thriller novels yet. The player’s wife disappears in the story. Player goes out in search of wife. New you get exciting mode, where you are going to have a lot of fun. You have to find new evidence. And to follow his evidence, reach his wife. There is also action shooting in the game. You have to kill the enemy with small killers.America’s dangerous environment is available. And most games are based on night. Small tools can also be used in games. Can move your story forward. You have the best graphic available with open word environment.
Special Features
  • Episodic narrative
  • Suspenseful and gripping storyline
  • player is alone here
  • fight and solve game
  • best graphics and contol

10.Control Amazon

Games Like Until Dawn
The game is followed by a brave girl who completes. You have to kill your goons using weapons. Provided best graphics with open world games. You proceed in the game, taking the help of the police.
Special Features
  •  transforming weaponry and telekinetic powers
  • story of a super girl
  • new weapons and game secret
  • epic supernatural struggle
  • open world dark area
Friends if you have a lot of until down game story. And want to play games like Until Down. If you want to buy at home. I have brought you the Top 10 Best Games Like Until Down for PS4. All this game is well displayed. Games are in very much ranking. Story of all games has been wonderful. And are displayed in front of you. I have show down the quality of all games. If you like any game, you can buy from the given link.

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