Top 10 Best Mini WiFi CCTV Camera 2020

Nowadays it is very important to keep the security of the house. Now because of this, many types of large CCTV cameras are available in the market, but due to their large size, disabling them has become equally easy.

But today I have brought for you such a list of mini wifi cctv camera today, which are all storing some unique features in themselves. Also, they will be very easy to use and all have WiFi connectivity so that you can easily connect them to a smart phone.

#1 Indoor cctv Smart camera

wifi CCTV Camera

Is there any place in your house that cannot be easily monitored in your unavailability, then what kind of product have I brought for you, using which you will be able to see the view there with crystal clear quality.

This mini CCTV camera has auto detection sensor also that notify you whenever any of the suspicious activity happens. you will be able to see the all video recording quality with 1080 pixel quality that is sufficient enough.

#2 Mini WiFi cctv Camera

 CCTV wifi Camera

If you come in the list of such a person who cannot always give time at their home, but it is also important for them to keep the information of the house, then in that condition this WiFi mini CCTV camera with 1080p quality is going to be very useful for you.

You may be thinking that it will work in very low pixel quality because its size is very small, so your guess is absolutely wrong because it is a 1080 pixels quality cctv mini camera, so you will not be disappointed by using it. This mini cctv 1080p camera has also smart detection sensor for capturing the unwanted activities.

#3 1080p Mini cctv Camera

best mini CCTV Camera

Mini cctv Full HD cameras are very important for house to keep an eys on the wanted place because sometimes you cannot be available every time at your home. That’s why I this type of 1080 HD CCTV Mini camera is made with very perfection for giving you the full HD performance live video telecast to your smartphone by connecting with Wi-Fi.

It has been shaped like a charger so it will not come in the eye of everyone and by plugging this into the charging port, this mini camera will be working continuously with high performance.

#4 Mini cctv Camera

mini CCTV Camera

If you are looking for a cctv mini camera which is probably small and its shape would have been made in such a way that it does not look exactly like the spy camera, then this device is present in front of you.

It offers live performance with 1080 pixel quality. It also comes with 16gb internal storage, which you can also expand up to 32GB. There is a button control in it, due to which this manual control can be done.

#5 Mini CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera wifi

This Mini CCTV Wi-Fi camera looks like a smoke detection sensor that can be fixed in the ceiling. It works on 12 voltage power consumption and the 2 megapixel camera is installed in it for capturing the moments in it.

This is a Wi-Fi enabled CCTV camera for your house that actually does not look like a mini cam so there will be no obstacles between the camera and you.

#6 Link Mini cctv Camera

wifi mini cam spy

This type of mini CCTV Wi-Fi camera has been made for security purpose and it has its own structure which is known as Alexa. It is a motion detection Mini camera also.

It comes with a set of 2 Mini CCTV camera and you can connect it to Wi-Fi with your smartphone for live video performance. It can see even in this dark time of night with night vision system.

#7 Mini WiFi cctv Camera

mini wifi spy camera

There will be many types of gadgets available in the market that are used to give you intelligence, but you have hardly seen a charger-like mini cctv camera that looks like it is actually a charging port. But in reality it is a wifi mini hidden cctv camera for recording video with 1080 pixels.

#8 Indoor Smart Mini Cam

cctv mini camera

This mini CCTV wifi camera, which looks like a small CPU part of the computer, has made its name in this list today due to its features such as motion detection sensor, night vision, CPU type shape and wireless system.

Although it has all its features on the mini wifi camera that looks like a computer part, but you can also see its reviews for more satisfaction. You will be able to see in the night also with its night vision wireless system and motion detection feature.

#9 FHD Mini Camera

hidden mini cctv camera

This voice command Wi-Fi camera comes with two way audio communication feature. It has it’s on voice assistant also that will be helpful to make any voice command.

It is widely known for its low light capturing feature. This mini can cam tilt, pan and zoom and specially it is known for its portability.

#10 Best Mini WIFI Wireless CCTV camera

Best Mini WIFI Wireless CCTV camera

If you want a wifi mini camera that has all kinds of features like night vision, wide angle, wifi connectivity, wireless connection and small size then its here.

This has 32 gb internal storage that is expendable up to 64 gb. It can record in FHD quality.


So these were some of this type of mini wifi CCTV cameras which are small in size and all of them have Wi-Fi connectivity features so that they can provide good video performance after being easily connected to the phone.

Some of these are different and some are keeping their place in this list due to their different characteristics. You can buy from anyone’s link to buy online.

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