10 Amazing Nintendo DS Shooting Games ( New Collection ) 2021

1.Call of Duty: Black Ops Amazon

Nintendo ds shooting games
This is the first Nintendo DS shooting game.Friends, what will you do if you hold a machine gun in your hand and there is a swarm of terrorists in front. I know that you will try to kill all terrorists with your gun. This is the education you get in the game. You have to kill terrorism while escaping everywhere. And you have to show your success by joining the best mishuns. The game has a collection of all types of guns and assassins. And small mishuns have to be compiled slowly. The game has been made open world and better. You have to complete the mission while staying with the captain and team.

2.Transformers: War for Cybertron Autobots – Nintendo DS Amazon

Nintendo shooting games
Robots are inhabited with mankind. Humans and cute robots advance this game. Here Total 6 brave robot’s are composed to kill the enemy. The game is available with the best fighting and futuristic weapons. Here Optimus Prime and his companions eliminate enemies.You have to join the fierce battle going on from all around. Killing dirty robots while playing their involvement. Have to play a better character while saving the world. There is an openworld area here.The best shooting game for Nintendo ds, which you can play easily. Its graphic and soundtrack enchanting is.

3.Touch the Dead – Nintendo DS Amazon

Nintendo shooting games
The game was made available in 2007 with better graphics. All the zombies have to be destroyed with the help of guns. There is a case of zombies all around. And zombies will try to kill you. Best Nintendo DS Shooting Game.The game was made exclusively for Nintendo da. In the game there is an attack of zombies all around. You have to play a better character, solving the story here. Is an awesome horrible and survival game. Proceed in the game with your gun. The story has to be finished, eliminating all the zombies coming forward. The game’s graphics and soundtrack are dreadful.

4.Resident Evil Deadly Silence – Nintendo DS Amazon

Nintendo ds games
The game was created in 2006 with the best graphic Shrake, but now the discussion of this game has become very less. Because the game provides new graphics and great story games everyday. This is one of the series in the game Resident Evil.Killing black spirits is to advance in the game. You have to pledge to improve the game’s story. Have to eliminate all zombies with your gun. The story has been improved with the game progressing slowly. Zombie can attack from anywhere in the open environment from all four sides.Nintendo DS shooting game with amazing story.

5 . Astro Boy: The Video Game Amazon

Nintendo ds shooting games
Astro Boy has come before you to save the world from bad people. He is going to eliminate all the bad people with his forces. The game is a game installed in space. Here the evil people try to capture it.But they do not know that the powerful Astro Boy is available here. The Astro Boy kills all the enemies while demonstrating their strength. The game’s story moves slowly. 2D form has been given. The game is still available with very old and based graphics.The story of the best and powerful men is included in the Nintendo DS shooting game.

6.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized – Nintendo DS Amazon

Nintendo shooting games
The house piercing Lanka, this story is followed in this game. Here the CIA agent comes together with terrorists and attacks his own country. Tries to kill the people of his own country. But you have to stop them all together with your team. A mission has to be made to eliminate all terrorists. All types of guns and weapons have been used.The game has to be carried forward, completing small missions. Excellent storylines and excellent shooting moments. Great quality Nintendo DS shooting game.

7.Dementium: The Ward – Nintendo DS Amazon

shooting games
The whole game has been based on dreams, where a person’s mind dreams of evil and black spirits. And the doctor also advises him, that you do not look much more dreams. But it comes in the shelter of the dream without controlling on your mind. And the Black Souls fight against them while staying in the dream. Here is to solve the story of Johniaj. This is the first step of the game, where you have to work very hard to come out of your dreams. The person falls from all around is to struggle.A great shooting and horror Nintendo ds games.

8.Chicken Shoot Amazon

Nintendo shooting games
The game is specially designed for children. Finding the chicken here is to kill it. You see chicken in different places. You have to quickly eliminate the chicken with your gun. Story and adventure do not get much in the game, but children enjoy the game very much. The goal is to find and eliminate the chicken in an open environment from all sides.The game can be easily used on Nintendo. And best shooting Nintendo DS games.

9.Duke Nukem: Critical Mass – Nintendo DS Amazon

shooting games
The earth is pushed back in time with the help of the time machine by the defense forces to get the news of the damage done on the earth.  Attempts are made to correct the conditions.  Here MIA Agents are found opposite Raksha Bolo, who try to kill them.  The game’s story has been rotated.  You have to protect the Earth with the best guns.  And you have to take the responsibility to eliminate enemies.Great shooting Nintendo DS game.

10.Zombiez Seeker – Nintendo DS Amazon

Nintendo ds games
The game has to be taken forward, avoiding the zombies scattered all around. Kali is to survive at night with his gun. The zombies have attacked you and your team, but you have to face them without fear. The story of the game is to be completed. A Great Shooting Nintendo Ds Game.


The Nintendo DS is a very old game gadgets. All Nintendo games are of excellent quality. Here I have provided you Nintendo shooting. This list includes all category games. And can use any game. Nintendo games are very low priced.

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