9 Best Ps4 Anime Games 2020 ( LATEST UPDATE ) 2021

In this article, I will tell you about the top 9 best PS4 anime games.  Which is the best anime games ever.  If you have a PS4. And you like anime games. So you can use them from the below games and their description link.
1.Saint seiya Amazon
ps4 anime games
saint seiya which is one of the best PS4 anime games is.game I get to see you fighting between 2 players.  a high ranking and a good game.  The game was published in 2012 by Cartoon Network.,
 In the game you get to watch fighting.  Street fight and advance fighting is.  It is also a first person shooting game.  In this, you have to show your strength in between 2 players.  And we have to win there.  In the game you get 15 to 20 different types of players with different power players.  You have to fight by choosing those.And whatever the player wins.  He is sent to the next stage.  This is a very good game.  The graphics of this game is very impressive.  Its animation is also available to you to look great.  The specialty of this game is that all players have their own super power.When he uses his super power.  So the enemy raises his hands in a few seconds, that is, he dies.
2.J-Stars Victory Amazon
ps4 anime games
J Star Victory As you may know from the name of the game, fighting is going to happen in this game.  This is one of the best PS4 anime games.  In this game you get a small player.  Whose name is J. Players named that J have to take you further.  And your enemies have to fight.  It is a fighting adventure game.  AND is a single player game. This game was first published on 19 March 2014.  And the developer of this game is Spike Chunsoft Company.  Who has developed this game.  You can easily use this game on PS4, PS3, PC.  This is a very cool and high graphic game.As you go cervical in this game, different types of enemies will come in front of you.  You have to fight with all those enemies.  In this game, j has a lot of powers.  Like speed running power, power to destroy, time to stop and lots of power to sleep.  Using which you can easily defeat your enemy.  This is an openworld chinese game.  Whose animation is very good.
3.The Seven Deadly Amazon
ps4 anime games
The Seven Deadly Sins Outpost is a very cool and high graphic game. One of the best PS4 anime games.  You will like the story of the game very much.  In this game you used to have 7 Deadly Sins.  Which was a very splendid group of knights in the daughters’ territory. The Lions were shut down after plotting to overthrow the kingdom.  Their alleged defeat came at the hands of the holy warriors.  But a lot of rumors started spreading that that Seven Detective is still alive. This is a very brilliant storyline.  Whose story people like.The game was first awarded on 17 September 2019.  A lot of books have been made on this game so far.  Because the story of this game is more amazing.  People are finding it very funny.
4.Gundam Versus Amazon
ps4 anime games
gundam versus which is a great best PS4 anime game.  The game was completely built and launched on 6 July 2017.The special thing of the game is that in this game you will be given on the open world area moon.  That is, you have to stay on the moon and fight with your enemies on the moon. That game’s server is gundan vs.  The developer and public of this game is a company called Bandai namco Entertainment.  You can use this only in PS4.  You cannot use it in your Xbox, PS3.The game is very fun.  The crafts of this game are very good.  This game has a lot of effects.  To make this game great for people.  It is an openworld hero game, meaning this game has a super power hero.  One who fights enemies to save his world. He eliminates enemies. In this game the hero has all kinds of power.  Using which he finishes his enemies as quickly as possible.  This is a great game that you can use in PS4.As you increase the level’s level of the game. The power of your hero will also increase. You can customize your hero as you like.  You can also upload a lot of powers in your hero.  In this game you will be given full area of Openworld.  You have to kill your enemies by looking for it there.
5.Jojo’s Bizarre Amazon
ps4 anime games
jojos bizarre which is a very cool and high graphic game.  Storyline of this game which is based on jojo. This is one of the best PS4 anime games.This is a story of Jojo’s bizarre adventurer. Whatever story you find in the story of the star family.  Which starts with Jonathan.  A lightly cooked Englishman who rivals with his adopted brother New Brands.Each of the elements in the manga follows the life of each other member of the Star family.  Who discovers his adventures through video which depicts a very good story.The game was first published on 17 December 2015.  Initially, this game did not become very popular, but gradually the ranking of this game started increasing.  Because people understood the story of this game and completed this story.  The designer of this game is Cyber Contact Two.  You can use this game in ps4, ps3.  This game has not yet arrived in pc.  And the developer of this game is kenei nakasha.
6.One Piece Amazon
ps4 anime games
One Piece Burning which is a very cool and high graphic game.  This is one of the best PS4 anime games.  In this game you get to watch street fighting.  The game was first launched on April 21, 2016.  After that, the atmosphere in this game was made somewhat different.  Which in this game you have to use three players in your team. And the player in front also uses three different types of players in his team.  All those players have different power.  They have super power.  You have to eliminate each other using them.  This is a very excellent fighting game is.game in which fighting is very tremendous.  You have to use all three players to kill your enemies.  And enemies have to be eliminated with their super power.  It is a great and fighting game.  The genera of this game is fighting as I mentioned.  In this game you get to see both modes.  Single Play Mode and Multiplayer Mod. This game can be easily used in PS4, X box, PS3, window.
7.Jump Force Amazon
ps4 anime games
Jump Force which is a very high and high graphic fighting game.  In this game you get to see very good fighting.  The game was first published on 12 October 2018.  In this game you get to see tights, goku, velora.  Which is the favorite super heroes of all. In this game, the fighting group fights Goku Vellora.  And to finish it, you are told in this game.  The director of this game is Tokyo kazu sakamoto.  PS4 can easily use this game in xbox.The game is given an openworld area where goku and valora are constantly facing enemies using their power.  Let’s move forward in the game.
The specialty of the game I liked the best where you use your player’s power, you get to see very different types of power.  Such as destroying the front, stopping time, blasting, and lots of powers you can use with your player.
8.Dragon Balls : Xenoverse Amazon
ps4 anime games
Dragon Ball Z I used this game very much in my childhood.  And have seen it very often on Cartoon Network.  This must have been my favorite drama.  The game was first published on 25 October 2016.  Which is a best PS4 anime game. In this game you get all kinds of different powerful warriors.  Those who fight each other.  And one has to destroy each other.  In this game, I think Goku is the best player. He has also been my favorite.  Goku fights everyone. And defeats them all in a pinch.  In this game you get fighting between different players. Goku and his family fight against other enemies.  And he defeats them. The composer of this game is steve aoki.
9.Nitroplus Amazon
ps4 anime games
If you are a girl and you like fighting.  So this game is made for you only.  Because this game is based on girls.  And this game has been created to defeat the other girls team by sucking their team.  The game was first fully manufactured and marketed on 30 April 2015.  After that this game started becoming very famous. Fight people are very much liked by the girls in this game.  Is a best PS4 anime game. In this game you are given 15 to 20 types of super power girls.  By choosing whom you can beat your other rival team. The power of all girls is different. They are given a best super power.  By using it, she can easily lick her enemy.  The developer of this game is exam u.  The genre of this game is fighting.As you continue to beat your enemies.  By the way, different types of girls will be opened and their power will be unlocked.  You have to go to different types of places and fight.

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