10 Amazing Xbox 360 Games Under 50 Dollar ( latest collection )2021

1.Take 2 GTA V Grand Theft Auto 5 Xbox 360 Amazon

Xbox 360 Games Under 40 Dollar
Gta5 is an amazing game created by Rockstar Company, which has sold over 500 million copies. And this game is very popular. This is a great Xbox 360 game under $ 50. Here you can do whatever you want, in this you get open world area and amazing weapons. Kill the cops or complete your mission.
You get both online and offline modes in the game. The game has 3 players, completing this game story. The game’s graphics are amazing. Here you can bother people by taking any car nad weapons. And you can make yourself enjoyable.
Game Features
  • Open world with mission based story
  • Jump, run, swim and use vehicles
  • Use hand-to-hand combat
  • Base jumping and scuba diving
  • Metacritic 97 out of 100
  • fully open world and all mods

2.Minecraft Amazon

Xbox 360 Games Under 50 Dollar
If you want to build your own house and village. You want to live in your own world, the house is built. You want to build the entire city with your own hands. So this game will be paramount for you. Because here you can do whatever you want. You can build your city gradually. You can also play the game with your friends. Can help build their homes.
A great xbox 360 game is under $ 50, which will be a great choice. And if you want to see more featured, are given below.
Game Features
  • Crafting has never been faster and easier
  • create your own world
  • create own weapons and maps
  • fully open world and TPP
  • amazing and rare game bro

3.Red Dead Redemption Xbox One and Xbox 360 Amazon

Xbox 360 Games Under 25 Dollar
The game is designed in a Western form. And in the game you get many cowboys and cowgirls, who constantly fight between them. The storyline and graphic of the game is amazing. Here you find horses, which are always with you. The old type of guns and vehicle is. You can use mind and small swords in it. The game has been made open world. It can roam anywhere. And you can react as you want.Amazing Xbox 360 game under $ 50. Some of the features I have given below.
Game Features
  • including showdowns, gambling, hunting
  • Expansive open-world gameplay
  • Dead Eye targeting mechanic
  • all mods and levels available
  • rockstar company game bro

4.Call of Duty Black Ops Collection – Xbox 360  Amazon

Xbox 360 Games Under 50 Dollar
This game is built entirely on the war environment. If you like war games, and like to kill with your guns, then this game will be best for you, which gives you all kinds of guns. And there are missions to go to different places. Sometimes you use a helicopter, sometimes you kill your enemies. Staying with his team makes his country victorious. Here all types of guns are allowed to use all types of assassins. There is only war atmosphere around. Bomb and missiles can fall from anywhere. This best Xbox 360 game under 50 dollar.
Game Features
  • all collection in one Black Ops , Black Ops II , Black Ops III
  • highly shooting experience
  • best graphics and weapons
  • ultra shooting and levels
  • many missions and all type weapons

5.WB Games Mortal Kombat: Xbox 360 Amazon

Xbox 360 Games Under 5 Dollar
You can play the game both in multiplayer and single-player. You get more than 30 players who fight among themselves. And each player has different power, which can be used.
Game Features
  • 30+ players for fights
  • each player unique super power
  • high design gameplay
  • Re-invigorating the franchise
  • Captivating storyline

6.Sonic Unleashed (Platinum Hits) – Xbox 360 Amazon

Xbox 360 Games Under 30 Dollar
It is the story of the favorite sonic hero of all, who are making their mark in the open world world. Creating a good atmosphere in the eyes of the people. The sonic runs on the road at high speed. Collects small coins. Open world has been created. There is not much atmosphere available. You have to run continuously. Have to collct coins.The stories go on continuously. Xbox 360 game under 50 dollar.
Game Features
  • super faster boy
  • Sonic’s World Transformed
  • Tight Navigation and Speed Control
  •  Expanded Environments
  •  mind-blowing 3D stages

7.Silent Hill HD Collection – Xbox 360 Amazon

Xbox 360 Games Under 10 Dollar
Where the adopted daughter of the player goes missing. He goes on a quest to find her. And searches at a place named Silent Hill. There is a shadow of black soul on silent hill.There is a shadow of black soul all around. Which makes the game exciting and forces the player to go further. The game is given an amazing look. Black atmosphere is found here. You have to complete the game with some assassins.and amazing horror xbox 360 games under 50 dollar.
Game Features
  • best horror storyline
  • you are small teen as player
  • Completely updated in-game voiceover
  • dangerous gameplay with dark
  • highly graphics and desihm

8.Need for Speed: Rivals Amazon

Xbox 360 Games
Away from the crowds of the world, the game is found on a very long highway, where only you and the super car can be seen. You have to drive your car continuously. And get the best experience in the open world. The police is behind you. And the police need to catch you, but don’t give the police any chance.Will always be ahead of you in the world of racing. And will provide amazing experience to the public. Great racing Xbox 360 game under $ 50.
Game Features
  • worlds all sports car available
  • newly maps and places
  • Cops work in teams to hunt down
  • fully cops fight
  • open world and best graphics

9.Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – Xbox 360 Amazon

Xbox 360 Games Under 15 Dollar
If you don’t hear the name of the super player sonic, then watch movies of Sonic first. Sonic is a player that can leave anyone behind. And can also beat flash. sonic is the hero of the cartoon, which is famous for its excellent quality running. The game is set on this basis. And is displayed in front of the public. You have to race your team with all kinds of super cars. And have to go to different places.A great Xbox 360 game under $ 50 in open world racing.
Game Features
  • each player have unique super vehicle
  • super fast race and racer
  • ultra graphics and design
  • unique game for unique players
  • open worlds environment and open racing

10.Need for Speed: Most Wanted Amazon

 Games Under 50 Dollar
Running the car in the beautiful world is to generate the best experience. One is to keep amazing memories. Xbox 360 game with cool adventure under 50 dollar.This is the best racing game in the world of criminal. Dodge all and move forward. And also cheats the policemen. Used the best car and amazing graphic. And most of the game is based on driving and drifting. Policemen have to harass along with their friends.Nonstop multiplying is available. Have to enjoy the game in a continuous couplet.
Game Features
  • Open World Action
  • Non-Stop Multiplayer
  • Beat Your Friends in minutes
  • open world racing with friends
  • high graphics with all sports cars


People who like to leave the world and play games, and only sit in one place and play long games. So you are very lucky. I brought you the best x box 360 game under 40 dollar. All games are very apopular and famous games. The games are going to be very attractive to you. All types of categories are made available. In most games you are going to get action adventure. Here we have tried to tell both the quality and disqualify of the games. If you like any game, you can buy it from the given link.

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